Yoga is a comprehensive way of life & dharmic values

June 22, 2020 – Amritapuri

It has been five years since the United Nations started observing International Yoga Day. During this brief time, yoga as a practice has gained an astonishing amount of acknowledgement and popularity. Most nations have acknowledged that yoga boosts physical health and stimulates emotional and intellectual growth. Similar to Ayurveda, yoga is a priceless boon the world has received from the ancient rishis of Bharat.

The meaning of the word yoga is “coming together” or “joining.” Yoga brings together our body, breath, mind and awareness in the proper way. If we can control our body, we will be able to control our breath. If we can control our breath, we will be able to control our mind. If we can control the mind, we will be able to rise to self-realisation.

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