Our Women’s Wing

Amma’s Dream

A vision of a world in which women and men progress together, a world in which all men respect the fact that, like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value.

The Amriteswari Society Women’s Wing is focussed on:





Drawing inspiration from Amma’s key initiatives for Women, the newly-formed Wing will work in partnership with community groups and organisations in Singapore.


With guidance and inspiration from Amma’s nurturing presence, teachings and initiatives, the Women’s Wing is working:

  • To build a supportive community of women amongst our members, one that hinges on mutual support and self-reliance
  • To focus on the Education and Empowerment of women, both within Amriteswari Society and in the wider community
  • To work towards providing Support Services for women who require assistance
  • To build Collaborations and Partnerships with organisations

The Women’s Wing is open to women members of Amriteswari Society.