The coronavirus is a wake-up call

We should try to see others’ pain as our own, see them as a part of ourselves, and establish a heart-connection with them.

24 May 2020, Amritapuri
~from Amma’s message during corona times

Once when Amma was on the North Indian tour, we broke the journey and stopped to have lunch. Food had been prepared. Almost 500 people were in the tour group. We looked for shade. There was a place with a tree and we stopped there. This tree was regarded as a sacred place, as a mahatma had practised his ascetic penance here. People were circumambulating the tree. They then waited for a breeze to come so that a few leaves would fall from the tree. They would then pick up the leaves with great reverence and carry it with them as prasadam to worship in their puja rooms. Amma was very touched seeing this. And Amma wished people would respect every tree and plant in this way. Then this world would become heaven.

If humans protect the creatures on earth, these creatures will protect humans as well —just as it is said that those who safeguard dharma will themselves be protected by dharma.

 The coronavirus is a wake-up call.  It is true that these are trying times. But we should try as hard as possible to remain cheerful and happy. At the same time, maintain a high level of alertness. This is our responsibility. Remaining cheerful in the face of difficulties does not mean suppressing unhappiness we may feel. It doesn’t mean to suppress; it means to surmount. The best way to preserve the mind’s state of happiness is to become engaged and immersed in some useful activity.

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