Spiritual Arts

(Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

The artistic activities at Amriteswari Society are infused with spirituality and are guided by Amma’s teachings. The artistic practices reflect a coming together of the principles of  karma yoga, bhakti yoga and gnana yoga. The aim of every activity is self-realisation, and the offering of the human soul in surrender to the Divine.

Altar Decoration

Members arrive at the Centre early every Sunday morning to help decorate the altar, working together to meticulously see to every detail.

Bhajan Singing

Bhajans are an integral part of Sunday Satsangs, Amma’s Programme as well as the other spiritual events that are held through the year. A group of members with a keen interest in devotional singing and the playing of musical instruments meets regularly to learn and practise Amma’s bhajans.

Geeta and Nritya Vidya

The Society organises regular weekly Indian classical music and dance classes as a means of promoting the fine arts. Carnatic vocal classes for adults and children are conducted at our Centre by staff from the Nrityalaya Aesthetic Society.

Bharatanatyam dance classes are also conducted at our Centre on Saturdays by a member volunteer teacher.

Students from our Fine Arts Classes perform at Amma’s Programme and at other events organised by the Society.

Sankirtana Seva

Amriteswari Society conducts inter-generational workshops for Sankirtana Seva, an activity that combines devotional singing and dance movements, that are in alignment with Amma’s Teachings. These sessions are aimed at providing members of all ages the opportunity to express their joy, love and gratitude for Amma through collective dancing and singing.