Satsangh with Swamiji


Even though the breeze blows everywhere, coolness will be felt more if we sit in the shade of a tree. In the same way, although God is all-pervading, this presence will clearly shine in certain places more than others. That is the greatness of satsang. Satsang is the best thing for spiritual advancement. – AMMA


We invite one and all to join in this spiritually uplifting Satsangh that will be graced and guided by Swami Purnamritananda Puri. Swamiji will deliver valuable guidance through a discourse and will lead the spiritual gathering in collective prayer, chanting, devotional singing and meditation.


Date: Sun 11th Aug 2019

Time: 9AM to 1PM

Venue: Amriteswari Society, 3 Hindoo Road (S 209106)


Admission is FREE.


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