Single Rudraksha Beads


Kindly note that there will be a delivery charge of S$10 for each order. Alternatively, you may chooose to collect your purchase at our Centre


Used in the East for many centuries for improving many different areas of life, these large Rudraksha seeds have tremendous transformative and healing properties.

Rudrakshas should be worn on black or red yarn or on gold chains. Rudrakshas also have their own individual mantras to empower them; however, if you take them to Amma to be blessed this is most certain way to insure that they work at their most effective and potent levels. Also, since Rudrakshas develop a sort of personal “relationship” or connection with their wearer, it is best not to give ones you have worn to others. Lastly, if you do not wish to wear the Rudrakshas, you may also worship them which will help cultivate their auspicious qualities in you.