Navarathri Celebrations at Amriteswari Society

Wed 10th Oct to Fri 19th Oct 2018 (10 days) at 3 Hindoo Road

Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu
matru rupena samsthita
namasthasyai namasthasyai namasthasyai namo namaha!


Aum Amriteswaryai Namah

Our humble salutations to the Goddess (Devi), who abides in all beings, in the form of Mother (true love).

We at Amriteswari Society Singapore, were extremely fortunate to have been granted the opportunity of serving at Amma’s Lotus Feet during the auspicious period of Navarathri. The Navarathri celebrations and the poojas performed at our Centre were a time for us to reflect upon the true principles behind worshipping the Cosmic Mother, as extolled in the Devi Mahatmyam.


Our Navarathri Celebrations were marked with participatory Poojas ~ the first 3 days were devoted to Goddess Durga, the 4th to 6th days to Goddess Lakshmi and the 7th to 9th days to Goddess Saraswathi. On the 10th day, the Vijayadasami Pooja was conducted along with the Vidyarambham (Initiation to Writing) ceremony. The Celebrations also included Pada Pooja, chanting of Amma’s Ashtothram, Lalithasahasranamavali and Mahishasuramardhini Sthothram followed by Arathi.


The Countdown & Golu Preparation

In the countdown to our beautiful and auspicious  Navarathri Celebrations, Amma’s children here in Singapore came together on 9th October to begin a preliminary set-up of the Golu as well as the prayer hall. Devotees brought in their favourite golus and statues, while children of our Bala Kendra created delightful works of art and devotion for the Golu.


Days 1 to 3 ~ Durga Pooja

Right from the first day’s Durga Pooja, there was keen participation by devotees in the worship of Durga Ma, who leads one beyond body consciousness. Amma’s powerful presence charged the atmosphere and everyone present felt Her love and peace within. Close to 40 people attended the Pooja each day. The hall reverberated with the chanting of Amma’s Ashtothram, Durga Ashtothram, Lalitha Sahasranamam and the fervent singing of the Mahishasura Mardini Sthothram. As Amma always says ~ group  prayers carry immense healing power. Amma gave us a golden opportunity to come together and pray for peace both within and without.



Days 4 to 6 ~ Lakshmi Pooja

On the fourth day, we began to invoke the cosmic Mother Lakshmi’s bhava (aspect) who guides us towards control of the mind (thoughts). Devotees gathered to offer ardent prayers to Goddess Lakshmi who is a  symbol of materialistic wealth, patience and detachment from desires. The three days of Mahalakshmi pooja were truly memorable. Amma’s Love and Grace pervaded the atmosphere.

Days 7 to 9 ~ Saraswathi Pooja

On the seventh day, we began to invoke Goddess Saraswathi, the embodiment of purity and wisdom, who endows us with Supreme Knowledge through which one attains absolute freedom (moksha).

On the eighth day of prayer, our Bala Kendra children sat together at the altar to perform the Saraswathi Pooja. It was truly an eye opening experience. As Amma always says, “Children,  you need to have child- like innocence to understand and experience the inexhaustible Love of the Cosmic Mother”. Everyone, who attended the prayers had experienced the true words of our Beloved Amma.

The 9th day, Navami was the final day of the Navarathri sadhana.

Day 10 ~ Vijayadasami Pooja

Vijayadasami marked the end of Durga Pooja,  remembering Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasura to restore Dharma, a celebration of victory over evil.


Our sincere gratitude to Amma for giving us a chance to come together in unity and love. The nine days of celebrations, during which time the (asuric) demonic tendencies of the mind are replaced with divine (suric) thoughts, symbolise the victory over the forces of evil.

As we now prepare for our upcoming Deepavali Celebrations, Amma offers us yet another precious opportunity of continuing our humble prayers for the strength and vitality to tread the path of true devotion.

Om Namah Shivaya!

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