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All new applications shall be submitted with the Ordinary/Life Membership Application form duly completed with an annual fee of $20 or one time subscription fee of $200 (as the case may be) plus a non-refundable application fee of $10.

The annual subscription for ordinary membership is $20 payable before 31st January of each year for the period of 1st January to 31st December. The Renewal of Membership Form must be submitted before expiry of the membership ie before 1st January. Please submit the completed

ORDINARY or LIFE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM with a crossed cheque for $30 or $210 (as the case may be) or RENEWAL FORM with a crossed cheque for $20 personally at our Centre ( 3 Hindoo Road) on Sundays between 8am and 10am, or

Mail it to –

Amriteswari Society

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Singapore 209106

Kindly note that all new applications will be processed in accordance with the constitution of the Society and is subject to its Management Committee’s approval.

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