Guru Purnima Celebrations


“Just as the radiance of the full moon transforms night into day, the presence of the Guru dispels the darkness within the disciple’s heart. The Guru elevates the disciple to the state of supreme bliss by giving him the strength and discrimination to transcend the limitations of the mind. And the disciple, understanding the Guru’s infinite compassion, offers himself or herself completely at the feet of the Master in utter gratitude, knowing that he or she can never repay the debt to the Master. Guru Purnima symbolises this poignant relationship” – AMMA

Amriteswari Society invites everyone to join online our Guru Purnima Celebrations.


8am to 11am

Ganapathi Homam

Paduka Puja


AMMA’s Ashtotram


White Flower Meditation

Prayer for World Peace



Online registration for the Puja is now closed. We welcome you to view the telecast on Sunday morning. at:

You may offer a Dakshina towards the Puja: 

For Dakshina contribution via credit/debit card (additional fees apply), please visit our Eventbrite HERE.

For Dakshina contribution via PayNow, please click HERE.

Kindly note that the Dakshina facility will close on Sunday 5 July at 1pm SGT.

Do join us in celebrating this auspicious day.

Aum Amriteswaryai Namah