Guru Purnima Celebrations 2022

“Guru Purnima is not a day set aside for the Guru. The Guru does not have any special day. It is a day for the disciple. Every disciple must inquire every day if disciplehood has awakened within. For one who has awakened this disciplehood, everyday becomes Guru Purnima.” – AMMA

This Guru Purnima, Amriteswari Society Singapore will be holding in-person programmes on Wednesday, 13 July at the Centre (3 Hindoo Road). Please register for the programmes HERE.

We will also be engaging in various Seva activities on Wednesday, 13 July and Sunday, 17 July. Sign up for the various seva activities HERE.


The morning programme will commence at 7 AM with an auspicious Maha Ganapathy Homam. As per tradition, we will recite the Shri Ganesha Atharvashirsha Mantra during the Homam, to seek the blessings of Lord Ganapathy to remove any obstacles in our way as we resume our activities in the Centre. This will be followed by Guru Paduka Puja, Prasad, and a traditional Archana to our beloved Amma with the chanting of the most sacred Shri Lalitha Sahasranamavali.

In the afternoon, there will be two Seva opportunities – Serve-A-Meal program for elderly residents in Marsiling as well as Altar Set-up for the evening puja. The evening program will begin at 6 PM at the Centre, with Bhagavathi Seva Puja and Archana, followed by Bhajans, Arati and Prasad.

7:00 AM – Ganapathy Homam
8:00 AM – Guru Paduka Puja, Abhishekam
9:30 AM – Prasad
10:00 AM – Shri Lalita Sahasranamavali
11:30 AM – Screening of Live Telecast from Ashram (to be confirmed)
12:30 PM – Prasad lunch
2:30 PM – Seva* (Serve-A-Meal @ Marsiling Block 3)
4:00 PM – Seva* (Altar Set-up for Puja @ 3 Hindoo Road)
6:00 PM – Bhagavathi Seva Puja with Archana
7:15 PM – Bhajans
8:00 PM – Arati & Closing Prayers
8:15 PM – Prasad


The Sunday after Guru Purnima, in accordance with Amma’s teachings, we will be engaging in a day of Seva, starting with beach cleaning across 3 beaches in Singapore, followed by the Sponsor-A-Smile program – providing meals and Laughter Therapy to 200 migrant workers from Kranji Dormitory.

8:30 AM – Seva* (Beach Cleaning @ Sembawang Park, Punggol Beach & East Coast Park)
9:30 AM – Refreshments for volunteers
10:30 AM – Seva* (Sponsor-A-Smile: Laughter Therapy @ Kranji Reservoir Park B)


To purchase Sponsor-A-Smile tickets or Archana tickets, please click HERE.

* Please register separately for the various Seva activities HERE. This will help us in planning for the in-person Seva activities.
For beach cleaning, volunteers can choose to go to any 1 of the 3 beaches. Rubbish bags and tongs will be provided at the respective meet-up points. In case of wet weather at any of the venues, volunteers are kindly requested to proceed to either of the other venues. In the case of heavy rains across Singapore, Beach Cleaning will be postponed to a later date and all volunteers who have signed up with us will be informed prior.

For enquiries, please reach out to Lakshmi (90032558)

Venue Meet-up point
Sembawang Park Carpark 1
Punggol Beach Punggol Point Carpark
East Coast Park Carpark E1
Kranji Reservoir Park B Kranji Reservoir Park B

Do join us in celebrating this auspicious day.

Om Amriteswaryai Namah