Environmental Protection

(Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Plant-A-Tree Programme

When a man cuts a tree, he is actually making his own coffin. It is not enough to plant one tree for each one he cuts. He may have to plant at least 50 trees or more. It is said that about 5 million people get cancer from polluted air.


Amriteswari Society organises tree-planting sessions.
Our volunteers have planted seedlings and saplings in Senkang Riverside Park and Kent Ridge Park.

Recently, Amma has expressed her support for the Trillion Tree Campaign and shared her wish that every person on earth plant one tree a month. The Society aspires to this goal through the collective effort of its members.

Beach Cleaning

Nature is God’s visible form that we can see and experience through our senses. By loving and serving nature, we are worshipping God directly. Let us try to reawaken this attitude.


To put Amma’s words into action and change the way we interact with the natural world, our volunteers come together to pick up non-biodegradable matter ranging from plastic bags, bottles, styrofoam utensils and even frisbees along Singapore’s beaches.