Deepavali 2020

“During this time, when the entire world is reeling in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, let each of us come together to light the lamp of hope, compassion and unity. The virus is filling us internally and externally with the poison of fear and anxiety. To destroy it, we have to ignite our inner flame, our inner light. Let us light the lamp of new life, the light of goodness, the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Let us eliminate this poison with the panacea of right action and right thinking at the right time.” – Amma

We invite you to register for our Deepavali celebrations online, that will include a Lakshmi Puja for prosperity and auspiciousness. The event will be telecast online at 9am SGT (6.30am IST) via Twitch at

“Just as the right hand comes to dress the wound on the left hand, we should see another person’s sorrows as our own and come to his or her aid.” – Amma

In line with these inspiring words, the Amriteswari Society will be using 50% of the proceeds and sponsorship of the Lakshmi Puja for welfare activities. We humbly invite one and all to participate in this auspicious Puja, benefiting not just yourself and loved ones, but also the less fortunate.


The online telecast will begin at 9am SGT (6.30am IST). Programme schedule will be as follows –

Guru Paduka Pooja
Lakshmi pooja
Amma’s Ashtotram
Lakshmi Ashtotram
Closing Prayers


You may register to participate in the Puja. Names and Birth Stars of In-Absentia participants will be included in the Puja, as prayers for their well-being will be performed.

Puja Participation Fee is:
Individual – $5
Family – $10 (up to 4 persons max)

Register HERE.


We welcome you to participate as a Puja Sponsor or to make a voluntary contribution towards the event.

Puja Sponsorship – $50 (multiple sponsors)
Flowers – $30 (multiple sponsors)
Garlands – $30 (multiple sponsors)
Puja Items – $30
Donations – $11, $21 or $51

Contribute HERE.

Please note that online registration will close on Saturday, 14 November at 9pm SGT (6.30pm IST)

We welcome you and your loved ones to join in celebrating this auspicious day.

Register Here (Credit Card via PayPal OR PayNow)

“Where there is love, there is no distance.” – Amma.

Each year, in line with Amma’s teachings of humanity’s inherent oneness, Amma’s children make it a point to share the festivities and cheer of Deepavali with residents of the Meranti Home @ Pelangi Village. The Meranti Home provides shelter and rehabilitation to male destitutes requiring psychiatric care. This year, on 14 November 2020, arrangements have been made by the Amriteswari Society to serve 186 residents and 40 staff of the Meranti Home @ Pelangi Village with an elaborate Deepavali dinner feast. Of course, no Deepavali celebration is complete without joyful singing and dancing! As such, this year, with Amma’s grace, in line with the social distancing measures and strict visiting restrictions, Amma’s children have lined up several online performances to celebrate Deepavali with the residents. A joy that is shared is a joy made double! Updates and photos to follow…