Programme Details


Amma’s free public Programmes in Singapore will be held according to the Schedule indicated.


As guests enter the hall before Amma’s arrival, an informational video is screened that highlights Amma’s humanitarian projects. Upon Amma’s arrival, She generally conducts a guided meditation after which She welcomes guests who have taken tokens for Her Darshan (Embrace). Amma delivers spiritual talks and devotional singing during the Programme.


Amma’s Programmes generally go on late into the night, as She receives the thousands who come to meet Her, one person at a time.


Do note:

Every individual will need a token to meet and receive Amma’s embrace during Darshan. The tokens  are usually issued to each person present on a first-come-first-served basis, an hour and a half prior to the commencement of the Darshan. As tokens are limited, guests are requested to arrive early to obtain the token.


Kindly note that large bags will not be allowed inside the Hall E and it will have to be deposited at the Baggage Counter situated at the entrance of the Hall. Please bring only personal items like a small wallet  into the Hall.


While waiting for your token number to be displayed on the large screen at the front of the Hall, you will have the opportunity to be seated on chairs and witness Amma receiving and embracing people from all walks of life and be inspired by the uplifting atmosphere of devotional singing that accompany the Darshan. You are also welcome to visit the information and activities desks, the specialty stalls or have your meals or refreshments that are available for purchase in the food area of the Hall.


Please join the Darshan queue when your token number is displayed on the screen. Volunteers are positioned at various points along the line to assist you.


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Tuesday 30th April – EVENING PROGRAMME: 7:30PM

Satsang, Bhajan, Meditation & Darshan

5:30pm : Volunteers begin to welcome guests & the token line opens
6:00pm : Tokens are handed out & seating begins
6:00pm : Dinner service begins
7:30pm : Amma arrives in the Hall, followed by Satsang, Bhajan & Meditation. Dinner services pause
9:45pm : Darshan begins & Amma embraces guests

Dinner service resumes and will continue until approximately midnight.

The Darshan may continue late into the night.

Wednesday 1st May – Whole day Programme: starting at 11am

Meditation & Darshan

8:00am : Volunteers begin to welcome guests & the token line opens
8:30am : Tokens are handed out & seating begins
11:00am : Amma arrives in the Hall & conducts a meditation
11:30am : Darshan begins & Amma receives guests for Her embrace

Snacks & food will be available for purchase when Darshan starts.

The Darshan may continue late into the night.

Thursday 2nd May – MORNING PROGRAMME: 10AM

8:00am : Volunteers begin to welcome guests & the token line opens
8:30am : Tokens are handed out & seating begins
10:00am : Amma arrives in the Hall & conducts a meditation
10:30am : Darshan begins and Amma receives guests for Her embrace until about late afternoon

Thursday 2nd May – FINAL PROGRAMME: 7pm  

Atma Puja and DEVI BHAVA

4:30pm : Volunteers start welcoming guests who have come to the programme
5:00pm : Approximate time the token line opens for Darshan
5:30pm : Tokens are handed out & the seating begins
7:00pm : Amma arrives in the Hall & Atma Puja ceremony begins
8:30pm : Approximate time the DEVI BHAVA and Darshan begins and Amma receives guests for her embrace

The final Programme is a unique one where Amma will conduct the Atma Puja ceremony  for world peace followed by the DEVI BHAVA and Darshan. During this special Programme, that attracts an even larger crowd, Amma may also give devotees mantra initiation upon request. A mantra is a group of Sanskrit words used for prayer and meditation. If you are interested in receiving a mantra, information will be given for you to read while you are sitting in line waiting to receive your darshan.

This final event of Amma’s Singapore Programme will usually continue through the night and end next day in the morning. Dinner is served until midnight. Snacks may be available all night.


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