How to meet Amma

How to meet Amma

Everyone is welcome to meet Amma and Amma embraces each and every person who comes to see Her.


Due to the large crowds that are often expected at Amma’s Programmes, a Token System is used in programmes worldwide.


Tokens are free and the system is designed such that the first people to join the line are the first to meet Amma. Here’s how it works:

Please plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before the programme to receive a free token if you would like to have Amma’s embrace. Tokens may be limited by time constraints.


Please join the token line to get a token to receive Amma’s embrace. If you arrive after the token line has dispersed, please ask a volunteer how to get one. Volunteers are happy to assist you and make sure you are properly taken care of in a way that is both comfortable and efficient.


  • Please join the token line to receive your tokens
  • Everyone in the group needs a token, including infants.
  • If you have a young infant, please speak with a volunteer who will recommend the best way to receive your blessing
  • Everyone needs to be present to receive their tokens. If you have special difficulties with this, please speak with the token givers



After you have received your token, our volunteers will seat you. If you leave your seat, please be sure to return 15 minutes before Amma arrives. We will fill in all unoccupied seats at that time.


When your token number is displayed on the screen, please proceed to the desk at the side of the hall to deposit your handbags and mobile phones. Do note that you will not be permitted to carry these items onto the stage. You are then welcome to join the Darshan queue. Our volunteers will guide you towards Amma.



If you have received an embrace on a prior day, you may be asked to wait to receive a token. If you received an embrace during a morning programme, you will not be able to get a token for that evening’s programme, although you are welcome to attend.


It’s not uncommon for people to wonder what it’s like to be hugged by Amma, or what the process is like. Volunteers are available in the hall to assist you throughout this process. When your token number is displayed, head to the darshan line entrance, located on either side of the back-end of the hall.  It doesn’t matter which side you choose.

  • When your token number is displayed, find a place to store your footwear and head to one of the Darshan lines at the back of the hall.
  • Check in your phone and any wallets, small bags, keychains etc. at the counters located on both sides of the Darshan Hall. Click here to read more about programme guidelines and restrictions.
  • If you wish to take an offering for Amma, the Flower Shop located close to the Darshan line has many options to choose from. Kindly do not bring offerings that are not from the Flower Shop as these will not be permitted on stage due to security reasons.
  • If you brought an item to be blessed, such as a photograph, document or a small object, bring that with you as well.  
  • Families or couples can be embraced together by Amma, or you may wish to be embraced separately.
  • After you receive your embrace, you will have an opportunity to sit near Amma for a short time.