“Ah, my children dearest sweetest
You are the essence of Divinity,
Grow great in that awareness,
Realise and be that Truth”

Amma’s first message to Her Singapore children in 1987 encapsulates the deeper purpose of the human birth that is to be realised through the journey of life. Amma constantly demonstrates, in numerous ways, how Her devotees may dedicate themselves to this path towards the supreme state of perfection. Amma’s teachings are simple and at the same time, intensely profound. Amma guides devotees through Her spiritual discourses that cover a vast range of topics, some of which are available in video form or in print. Her guidance is often imparted to Her devotees in their daily life situations. Powerful is the manner in which Amma leads Her devotees by example ~ Amma’s Life is Her Message.


 READ Amma’s Message (2018): “Spirituality”

published in Krishnaamritam (2018, Amriteswari Society Singapore)

Amma’s powerful teachings are also conveyed through Her senior disciplines who travel to Her numerous centres in India and around the world. They impart Amma’s wisdom in various ways including spiritual discourses, devotional singing as well in writing.


READ Spiritual Articles by Amma’s Senior Disciples 

published in Krishnaamritam (2018, Amriteswari Society Singapore)

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