Amma’s Programmes in Singapore

(Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Amma’s Programme is the largest event on the Society’s calendar. Amma’s first Programme outside India was in Singapore 31 years ago, and was organised by an ad-hoc committee that worked meticulously. Amma has blessed Her Singapore children with Her Presence year after year. From about a thousand people in 1987, tens of thousands of people now come to see Amma in Singapore every year. 

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Amma’s Programmes in Singapore

The formation of  Amriteswari Society in 1996 facilitated the planning and preparation for Amma’s Programmes in Singapore until today, to keep pace with Amma reaching out and touching the hearts and souls of increasing numbers of people. 2017 was a landmark year in the history of Amriteswari Society for it marked the 30th anniversary of Amma’s first travel from India and embracing the world, a journey that began with Singapore in 1987.

A Journey of Love” – From Singapore and to the World 


To commemorate the occasion, the Society published a special book titled “A Journey of Love” – From Singapore and to the World” that provides a glimpse of Amma’s very first journey to Singapore. This marks the beginning of the Society’s efforts to document the history of Amma’s Programmes in Singapore.  


Attending Amma’s Programmes in Singapore


Amma’s Singapore Programmes are usually scheduled in the months of March or April.


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Amma’s Singapore Programmes

What to expect at Amma’s Singapore Programmes

Amma’s free public programmes in Singapore are usually held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Programmes may be held in the mornings, evenings or all through the day. Amma’s programmes generally go on late into the night, as She receives the thousands who come to meet Her, one person at a time.


Every individual would require a token to meet Amma and these are issued on a first-come-first-served basis, an hour and a half prior to the commencement of the programme. As tokens are limited, guests are requested to arrive early.

Large bags would generally have. to be deposited at the Baggage Counter situated at the entrance of the hall. While waiting for their token number to be displayed on the large screen at the front of the hall, guests have the opportunity to be seated on chairs and witness Amma receiving and embracing people whose turn it is to go up to Her. Guests are also welcome to visit the information and activities desks, shop or have their meals or refreshments that are available for purchase.

One is welcome to join the darshan queue when one’s token number is displayed on the screen. Volunteers are positioned at various points along the line to assist guests. Indeed, Amma’s Programmes are organised with a spirit of dedicated volunteerism and thus volunteers are placed on duty at various parts of the hall to offer assistance to everyone.

There will also be sessions of guided meditation, spiritual talks and devotional singing during the Programme.
On the final evening of Her international Programmes, Amma may conduct the special Devi Bhava Darshan that opens with the Atma Pooja ceremony to invoke World Peace. During this special programme that attracts an even larger crowd, Amma may also give devotees mantra (sacred name to be chanted) initiation upon request.

The final event of Amma’s Singapore Programme will usually continue through the night and end early in the morning.

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Volunteering for Amma’s Programmes in Singapore

Preparing for Amma’s Programmes is truly a learning journey and an ideal opportunity for growth. Amma teaches and inspires Her children to take that leap of faith and dive into the powerful activity of volunteerism. Our Centre Singapore is a hub of activity in the months leading to the Programme.

The work at Amma’s Programmes venue is sectioned into six Zones to cover the various activities related to:

  1.   stage management and decoration
  2.   monitoring of the Darshan line as well as crowd control in the hall
  3.   food and refreshments
  4.  counter management and financial aspects
  5.   logistics
  6.  guest relations

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Sponsoring Amma’s Programmes in Singapore

The Amriteswari Society has been immensely privileged to facilitate Amma’s programmes for the past thirty years in Singapore. All are welcome to seek Amma’s Blessings, experience Her Infinite Love and teachings, and to understand Her selfless service to humanity. Admission to all the five events of the Public Programme is free.

The Programme, which has become very large and open to all sections of society, is only made possible with the kind and generous support of our members and wider community.   

We will deeply appreciate your kind support of Amma’s Programmes in Singapore. To contribute please visit Support Our Project Page .