Amma’s Embrace (Darshan)

(Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Amma’s Darshan

Darshan in Sanskrit typically means “an opportunity to see or an occasion of seeing a holy person or the image of a deity.” However, when we are in Amma’s Presence, we not only “see” Her, but Her penetrating gaze and Her tender smile is directed at each one of us as we go up to Her. She then draws each individual into Her motherly embrace to comfort, console and heal, whispering soft words of reassurance that are audible only to the one in Her arms. She listens to our words, thoughts and feelings. While every experience of Amma’s Darshan may differ, Amma places Her gift of Prasad in the palm of every person who receives Her embrace.


Amma’s hugs and kisses should not be considered ordinary. When Amma embraces or kisses someone, it is a process of purification and inner healing. Amma is transmitting a part of Her pure, vital energy into Her children. It also allows them to experience true, unconditional Love. When Amma holds someone it can help to awaken the dormant spiritual energy within them, which will eventually take them to the ultimate goal of Self-realisation. ~ Amma


Amma offers Her healing embrace to every person, regardless of age, gender, race, caste, class or religion. She says:

“I don’t see if it is a man or a woman. I don’t see anyone different from my own self. A continuous stream of love flows from me to all of creation. This is my inborn nature. The duty of a doctor is to treat patients. In the same way, my duty is to console those who are suffering.”


She is often seated for over 22 hours, embracing humanity endlessly. To date, Amma has embraced close to 36 million people the world over.


Amma reassures all Her children, “As long as there is strength in these hands to reach out to those who come to her, Amma will continue to give darshan. To lovingly caress people, to console and wipe their tears until the end of this mortal frame – this is Amma’s wish.”


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