Amma’s Bhajans

(Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Amma recommends singing bhajans (devotional songs) as a highly effective spiritual discipline that is “aimed at concentrating the mind on one’s beloved deity. Through that one-pointedness, one can merge in the divine being and experience the bliss of one’s true self.”

Amma singing at Her 2018 Singapore Programme

Amma has been described as “an ecstatic singer of bhajans” and one who “often goes into raptures while singing the sacred names of the Lord.” At every Programme of Amma’s both in India and internationally, Amma and Her disciples sing bhajans that are universal in their appeal. The hall reverberates with songs that are sung in many different languages. Some bhajans are purely devotional in nature, others are deeply philosophical.


When Amma sings, Her children are transported to higher and higher realms of joy – clapping, singing, swaying and sometimes raising their arms in ecstacy. In many, Amma’s singing also evokes uncontrollable tears of bliss and healing.

Children, try to sing bhajans with overflowing love and devotion. Let the heart melt in prayer. Unfortunate indeed are those who think that crying to God is a weakness. As the wax melts, the flame of a candle only burns brighter. Through crying for God, one gains strength. These tears wash away the impurities of the mind. If one cries for God for five minutes, it is equal to one hour of meditation. Such crying makes the mind easily absorbed in the remembrance of God.