Media Release

Singapore, 30th April 2019


Global Humanitarian, Spiritual Leader, Hugging Saint AMMA’s Programme in Singapore since 1987

Sustainable and compassionate living, interfaith harmony and love as the foundation for happiness and transformation, will be the cornerstones of Mata Amritanandamayi’s Singapore Programe 2019 between 30th April and 2nd May at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Hall E. The free three-day public event by the exemplary humanitarian, visionary and global spiritual teacher who is lovingly addressed the world over as “AMMA” or “The Hugging Saint” is being organised by the Amriteswari Society of Singapore.          


With 2019 designated as Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste, AMMA’s upcoming Singapore Programme will undertake conscious measures to reuse and recycle material, reduce food waste as well as the use of plastic. The Society’s efforts to raise such awareness amongst the thousands who will attend the Programme, are receiving support from the relevant authority.         


AMMA’s Singapore Programme will open on the evening of 30th April with a Prayer for World Peace and Harmony by Amma and members of the Inter-Religious Organisation of Singapore. It will witness the launch of Amriteswari Society’s “Towards Zero Food Waste” as well as the “Grow Your Own Microgreens” organic food initiatives. The Souvenir Book titled “Amritanubhavam” (meaning “Blissful Experience”) will also be launched. In addition, the Amrita Bursary will be awarded to 50 deserving students. This will be followed by spiritual discourses (that will be translated from Malayalam into English), meditation sessions, devotional singing and darshan (embrace) conducted by AMMA until 3rd May.     



AMMA has served the world-community for decades, imparting wisdom, strength and inspiration. Starting with Singapore in 1987, AMMA has gone on and embraced and comforted more than 38 million people who have come to her the world over. Tenderly caressing everyone who comes to her, holding them close to her heart in a loving embrace, Amma shares her boundless love with all – regardless of their beliefs, who they are or why they have come to her. She regularly embraces 20,000 people in one sitting, going for over 20 hours straight.


Her tireless spirit of dedication to uplifting others has inspired a vast network of charitable activities through which people are discovering the beauty and sense of peace that come from selflessly serving others. AMMA’s conscious and concerted efforts to alleviate human suffering in its countless forms are made through her growing international network of humanitarian initiatives called Embracing the World. Her key areas of focus are food, shelter, healthcare, education, livelihood, green initiatives, environmental conservation and sustainability.


Inspired by AMMA’s teachings, Amriteswari Society’s volunteers have been actively involved in community service and green initiatives in Singapore for over 12 years. Activities include cooking and serving food to the underprivileged in several locations, awarding bursaries to deserving school students from difficult backgrounds, tree planting and promoting micro-green organic food. Members also organise blood donation drives, beach cleaning activities and serving the aged and destitute in Singapore at the Meranti Home.