Aadi Amavasi Bali Tharpanam

Through this ritual we are showing our respect, our gratitude, towards our departed ancestors. Giving verbal thanks only remains as words and does not get translated into action. By partaking in this ritual, we are performing action – spending some time for others, spending money for them and chanting mantras. We therefore get purified, creating positive vibrations.” AMMA

Aadi Amavasi Bali Tharpanam (known as Karkidaka Vaavu Bali in Kerala) is a traditional ritual where oblations are offered to departed ancestors, to benefit and appease them regardless of when they passed away. The ceremony is performed on Amavasi (new moon) in the Hindu month of Karkidaka.

We invite you to register for this ceremony that will include a guided participatory puja and chanting. The event will be conducted online via Zoom. 


Participation Fee for the ceremony is $5.

Participants will be required to organise the Puja items. The list of items may be viewed below.

Please note that online registration is required and closes on Sunday 19 July. We urge you to register early and to allow yourself sufficient time to organise the required Puja items.

You may register via Eventbrite or through our website. Registrants will be sent the Zoom link via email from 9am SGT onwards on Sunday 19 July.

The fee is payable via the following modes:

Via Credit/Debit Card through Eventbrite (additional fees apply)

Via PayNow through our website at www.amma.org.sg/aadi-amavasi

You may also make your Dakshina offerings while registering for the Puja.


Items that registrants may have at home:

1.pancha patram/kindi/tumbler 1pc

2.spoon/Uddhrini 1pc

3.cooked white rice 100 gms

4.lamp/mud lamp 1pc

5.trays 3 pcs

6.white rice(raw)50 gms

Items that may be required from the store:

1.sandal powder

2.Agarbathi 1

3.sesame seed /Ellu 50 gms

4.wick ,oil small 1.

5. camphor 1pc

6.Dharba grass 11 pcs

7.Rose,tulasi $1

8.banana 2pcs

9.jaggary(bellam)50 gms

10.ghee 10 gms.

11.banana leaves with tips 2 pcs

12. betel leaves 7 pcs and seeval

Registrants residing in Singapore may contact the store below for the Puja items. Please order early to allow the store sufficient time to arrange your items.

Om Sivasakthi Flower Shop

Contact person: Mr Muthu

Mobile No: 8652 9446

Landline: 62950317

For enquiries please whatsapp 65-96362860

Please note that registration closes on Sunday 19th July at 9pm. We urge you to register early and to allow yourself sufficient time to organise the required Puja items.

Register Here (PayNow)
Register Here (Credit Card)