Amriteswari Society organises a range of activities all year round,

all inspired and guided by our Beloved Amma



All are welcome to attend our regular Sunday Satsangs held at Amrita Centre between 8am and 10am. For more details please click HERE

AMMA’s 65th Birthday Celebrations in Singapore

3 Day Event ~ 27th, 29th & 30th September 2018

The Amriteswari Society has been immensely privileged to facilitate the celebration of Amma’s Birthday for the past thirty years in Singapore. We earnestly invite you to participate in the celebration of Amma’s 65th Birthday on 27th, 29th and 30th September 2018
The special Programme comprising a range of events will be held at our Centre (3 Hindoo Road, Singapore 209106) and at external locations. Admission to the Programme is Free.
Please scroll down for the Programme Schedule, Participation & other details

Programme Schedule

27th September (Morning)
7am ~ 9.30am
7am ~ 8am
Maha Ganapathi Homam
8am ~ 9.30am
Paduka Puja
Abhishekam (by all)
Closing Prayers
29th September
8.30am ~ 11am
Plant-a-Tree Programme (at Bedok Town Park)
29th September
5pm ~ 9pm
5pm ~ 6pmBhagavathi Seva Puja
(in Amma’s Room)
6.15pm ~ 7.15pmPaduka Puja
Lakshmi Puja
Amma’s Ashtothram
Lakshmi Ashtothram
7.15pm ~ 9pmBhajans
Cultural Programme
Formal Ceremony
Closing Prayers
Prasadam Dinner
30th September
9.30am ~ 1pm
9.30am ~ 11amSatsang
11am onwardsAnnual General Meeting
30th September
2pm ~ 6pm
Serve-a-Meal Project (Cooking locations: Arasakesari Temple and Bo Tien Temple
Food Distribution at: Marsiling Blk 3 & 4 and Taman Jurong)

Unless otherwise specified, the events will be conducted at our Centre (3, Hindoo Road). For more details on the different activities and to register please scroll down

Participation & Registration

Admission to all sessions of the Programme is FREE.
Please register to attend the following sessions to facilitate logistics arrangements:

27th Sep (Morning)Maha Ganapathi Homam & Prayers at our Centre
29th Sep (Morning)Plant-a-Tree
29th Sep (Evening)Special Pujas & Formal Ceremony at our Centre
30th Sep (Afternoon)Serve-a-Meal


You may wish to participate in the following Special Pujas on the evening of 29th September:
Bhagavathi Seva Puja
Open to Celebrants of Personal Milestones, and Sponsors of the Pujas and Annadanam. Celebrants and Sponsors will be invited to also participate in the Lakshmi Puja and Arathi. 
Celebration & Sponsorship Cost: $500
We request Sponsors of the Pujas and Annadanam to kindly submit your sponsorship interest HERE and to register HERE
We request Personal Milestones Celebrants to please click HERE  for more details & to register
About Personal Milestones Celebrations:
Every year brings personal milestones for all like birthdays, wedding, childbirth, anniversaries etc in our families. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those personal milestones you would have this year on the special occasion of AMMA’s 65th Birthday Celebrations in Singapore.
We will be delighted to make arrangements for you and your family (up to 3 persons) to perform the special Bhagavathi Seva Puja and Lakshmi Puja during the evening programme on 29th September. After the puja you will receive Prasadam and a special token of love and compassion blessed by AMMA, that you will be able to cherish for your lifetime.


Lakshmi Puja
Devotees may wish to participate in the guided participatory Lakshmi Puja. Each participant will have their own individual puja setting. We are also taking In-Absentia archana bookings for devotees who are unable to attend the Puja in person. Participation Fee for Lakshmi Puja: $10 (for In-Person/In-Absentia Participation)
We request Celebrants, Sponsors and Participants to please make your payment on or before 29th September via Cash/Nets/Cheque at our Centre.  Should you wish to make an online bank transfer kindly call us at 6341 7701.


For more details on our “Plant a Tree” and “Serve a Meal” activities please click HERE


for AMMA’s 65th Birthday Celebrations


Please click HERE to view the list of areas for sponsorship and to submit your sponsorship interest.


For general enquiries kindly contact 6341 7701
Pujas ~ Sunil Kumar at 9674 7198
Sponsorship ~ Sudheer Soman at 9011 0637
Plant-a-Tree ~ Lalitha Pillai at 9857 3040
Serve-a-Meal ~ Lalitha Pillai at 98573040 (for Marsiling), Manikandan 93864953 or Irene Nair 90282148 (for Taman Jurong)
We look forward to your participation in this special event to honour our dearest AMMA.
In Amma’s Service
Amriteswari Society



Aum Amriteswaryai Namah

“Children, sing from the depth of your hearts. Let the heart melt in prayer. The joy of singing the Lord’s name is unique. This bhajan is for us to pour out all our heart’s accumulated dirt. Leave aside all shyness and open your hearts to God.”
Amriteswari Society Women’s Wing is organising

A 2-Part  Devotional Music Workshop by

Dr. Bhagya Murthy

Dates: Saturday 15th and 22nd September (2 Sessions)
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Venue: Amrita Centre
  • The workshop will be open to WOMEN MEMBERS who have some training or experience in singing.
  • Participants will receive training in singing devotional songs (including Amma’s bhajans) in preparation for a temple programme during Navarathri.  
  • If you are interested in participating in the Devotional Music Workshop, please Register HERE

Bala Kendra Teachers Training Programme

We should tell children while they are very young that there is a power known as God who controls everything. If we teach a child to remember this divinity in all circumstances of life, that child will be able to keep his or her inner poise in every situation, whether it be victory or defeat.” — AMMA
In line with our Beloved Amma’s teachings, the upcoming Bala Kendra initiative was announced to the Satsang on 2nd September. In preparation for the Programme that will be launched on Amma’s Birthday, the Society is organising

A 2-Session Teachers’ Training Programme by Mrs. Padmini Shekar

on Saturday 15th & 22nd September

7.15 to 8.45pm at Amrita Centre

The workshop is open to members who are keen to join the Society’s Bala Kendra Programme as Volunteer Teachers. Please register your interest by clicking HERE













Due to the ongoing situation in Kerala, Amriteswari Society’s previously scheduled Onam celebrations on Sunday 26th August were replaced with prayers and satsang. All devotees and guests were requested to gather from 8am to 10am at Amrita Centre on Sunday morning to continue praying collectively for the relief of the Kerala flood victims and their speedy recovery.
26th August marked a week of daily prayers at the Centre for the welfare and relief of the Kerala flood victims. READ MORE
Collective prayers will continue during the Satsang every Sunday thereafter. Devotees are encouraged to continue their prayers at home.

Aadi Amavasi Bali Tharpanam

11th August

Read Amriteswari Society’s REPORT

Guru Purnima Celebrations

27th July

Read Amriteswari Society’s REPORT


We are deeply grateful to Br. Shraddhamrita Chaitanya for conducting the following programmes between 17th & 22nd July:

Vedic Astrology (Basic Level Course) ~ 17th & 18th July

Vedic Astrology (Advanced Level Course) ~ 19th July

IAM-20 Meditation Course ~ 21st July

The Symbolism of Ramayana (Part 1) ~ 22nd July

Read Amriteswari Society’s REPORT

International Day of Yoga ~ 21st June

Yoga, an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice, originated in India over 5000 years ago. Derived from a Sanskrit word, “yug”, which means to join or unite, it signifies the union of the body and the Self. 

21st June has been earmarked as the ‘International Day of Yoga’ (IDY) and we, at Amriteswari Society, celebrated  IDY as per Amma’s guidance. A total of 18 participants attended the programme. 

Participants were guided through a simple series of yoga poses and pranayama or breathing exercises. They were also briefed on the multitude of benefits that yoga has on our minds and bodies. 
The programme served to spark an interest in yoga for those who had not done it before and  renewed interest for those who were already practising yoga.


The Big Coastal Cleanup ~ 26th May

“Mother Nature is serving us. What can we do in return for Her selfless service?”

The BIG Coastal Cleanup was organised by the Amriteswari Society Singapore’s youth wing, AYUDH.

Volunteers were invited to join in for a morning of cleaning the beach and helping to restore the natural beauty of our Singapore coastline, followed by a delicious vegetarian barbecue lunch.

Satsang (Symbolism of the Devi Mahatmyam) ~ 20th May

A Discourse by Brahmachari Shraddhamrita Chaitanya

“The idea of worshipping Devi, who is symbolised in a picture or stone, is so that you can see the Devi in every person” ~ Amma

On the special occasion of Mother’s Day on 13th May, Br. Shraddhamrita Chaitanya graced our Sunday Satsang at Amrita Centre, delivering a powerful and thought-provoking discourse on the Symbolism of the Devi Mahatyam (Glory of the Goddess).

We were truly privileged to listen to Brahmachari Shraddhamrita’s concluding discourse on the Symbolism of the Devi Mahatmyam during our Satsang last Sunday (20th May). We are happy to share our reflections of the last two sessions that were focussed on the destruction of the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha. Br. Shraddhamrita consistently reminded us of how fortunate we are to be walking in Amma’s divine guiding light. READ MORE

AYUDH Youth Retreat ~ 19th May

An Introduction to Vedic Astrology ~ 17th & 18th May

Bhagavad Gita (Chapters 1 – 4) ~  9th, 10th & 11th May