Listening to Amma Sing

In the evenings during Amma’s programs, she leads the singing of bhajans or devotional songs.  It is a very powerful experience.

About this phenomenon Amma says:

“When great souls sing, they radiate tremendous amounts of energy. They can make people forget about the world and worldly bondages. Their mere presence will fill people’s hearts with love and devotion for God. Peace and tranquility will take the place of restlessness and other negative tendencies. Concentration will come spontaneously. It becomes effortless. Even if people do not put forth any conscious attempt to acquire any spiritual energy, they will get it from that presence. For example, suppose we visit a place where perfume is manufactured. Even if we simply walk around without doing anything, we can still smell the fragrance on our body when we return home. In the same way, a Mahatma’s (great soul) presence transmits spiritual energy to those who come to visit him.”   – Amma, Awaken Children vol 3

The author has a very close friend, let’s call her Marty, who was listening to the singing of bhajans at an Amma program.  At times the bhajans can become very fast paced and furious with the passion for the Divine.  Many will be clapping and some dancing.

Marty suddenly became possessed of a desire for silence and stillness.  No sooner did the thought occur than Marty saw a ray of light shoot out of Amma’s heart and hit her in the chest.  Immediately she left her body and drifted toward the top of the very large hotel conference room.

There she experienced extreme peace as though she were floating in the middle of a very still ocean in the middle of the night.  She also saw a rain of continuous golden light falling from the ceiling of the entire conference room blessing all those in attendance.

Marty was not a sensitive person in terms of having visions, seeing auras and the like.  Yet Amma’s grace fulfilled her wish and made it very visible to her.  It is important to notice the part about the rain of golden light which falls on everyone in the room.  Simple sitting in Amma’s presence is a blessing to anyone and everyone.