“Meditation is the art of mastering the mind, for internal and external happiness.” ~ Amma

IAM-20 Technique Meditation Course is an advanced meditation technique. It is a simple combination of yoga, breathing, body stretching and energy consciousness, that is carefully and specifically designed for working people and takes just 20 minutes a day. It releases and relaxes many internal pressures and stresses. It prepares you, using different techniques, to go into a deep, calm and meditative state. WATCH VIDEO

The Amriteswari Society will be organising this Course and has invited  Br. Shraddhamrita Chaitanya to conduct the Course on 21st July 2018, from 9am to 1pm, at the Bo Tien Temple.

The Meditation Course is taught for free.

Registration Fee of $10 covers the cost of lunch and yoga mats.

For more details, please contact: Deepa – 9611 7788 / Lakshmi – 9003 2558

Please register through this link: 


Closing date and time of registration: 
Please note that the registration for the IAM 20 MEDITATION Course will close on Thursday 19 July 2018 at 3pm. This will enable seating arrangements and refreshments to be made for all present. For late registrants, yoga mats may not be available.
Br. Shraddhamrita, a monastic disciple of Amma, has been the National Coordinator of the IAM® Technique meditation groups in India and has toured Europe, Australia and New Zealand conducting meditation retreats and guiding individuals toward finding greater peace in their everyday lives.