From a very young age, Amma would care for the stricken, the poor, the elderly and the sick.  Many times her parents beat her for giving away food and family items.  Her family was also poor and her father made a living by fishing.  Nothing would stop her.  This thread of compassion has continued unbroken to this day.  Amma says her religion is love.

Compassion is love in action and Amma encourages all of us to follow in her footsteps.  Such selfless service also helps us to drop the heaviness, pain and suffering of our own ego.   For this reason and for the purpose of uplifting the world and relieving the suffering of humanity, Amma continuously encourages all of us to engage in charitable activities.

Amma’s charities are run by volunteers and Amma’s disciples.   There are no paid executives making money.

Meranti Home – Monthly visits

Volunteers from Amriteswari Society visit the Meranti home at Pelangi Village on a monthly basis to help promote the physical and mental well-being of its residents through conducting a range of activities.

Blood Donation Drives

Amriteswari Society has facilitated multiple blood donation drives with most of them held at Amrita Centre.

Amrita Bursary – Scholarship for school children

Scholarships are given to deserving school going children which helps them to offset some part of their eduction expenses. For the past few years 100 scholarships are given annually to students of different races and schools.

Sree Narayana Mission – Home for aged and sick

Regular visits are organised by volunteers to the Sree Narayana Mission Home, located at Yishun. Activities include cleaning the premises, helping to feed elderly residents, and organising bhajan sessions.

Serve-a-Meal Project – on every Sundays

Volunteers have been arranging vegetarian lunch/dinners each time to about 75 families at blocks 2, 3 and 4, Marsiling Lane/Road every Sunday. The food is packed and distributed to a pre-determined group of residents – most of them either elderly who live alone or from low-income families. About 6,200 meals packets have been distributed so far in this area. The Serve-a–Meal project at Taman Jurong block 116 and 117 is organised in association with Bo Tien Temple. Volunteers from Amriteswari Society deliver the meals to 40 families. About 4,800 meal packets have been distributed so far.