Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Amma’s First Singapore Programme

Amma conducted a three-day Programme in Singapore between April 6th and 8th at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

Organised by Amriteswari Society (Singapore), the event marked the 30th anniversary of Amma’s first travel from India and embracing the world, that began with Singapore in 1987. In the manner and commitment to the idea of giving selflessly, Amma has become a powerful role model to people of diverse age, religious and ethnic groups in Singapore.

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On the morning of 6th April, an air of anticipation and intense excitement pervaded the hall as many people of different age groups and communities, awaited Amma’s arrival. Amma entered to a rousing welcome through rhythm, music and movement, as all who were present rose to clap and sway to the bhajan “Choti choti gaiya, chote chote gwal”. In that moment, one was transported to Vrindavan and the joyful union with Madana Gopal as Amma stood on a platform on stage, raising both Her palms above Her head greeting all Namaste. When Amma took Her seat, Her white robe against a turquoise blue and green backdrop that bore peacock feathers and the words “Journey of Love” provided an exquisite and inspiring visual.

The second day of Amma’s Programme opened with a moving welcome address by the chairman of Amriteswari Society (Singapore), Mr. Rajan Menon. The evening witnessed the blessing by Amma and launch of a unique and unprecedented 30th Anniversary Book, titled “A Journey of Love: From Singapore and to the World” published by Amriteswari Society (Singapore) – to celebrate Amma’s maiden journey from India 30 years ago, first to Singapore and then to other countries, to embrace the world. The annual souvenir magazine for Amma’s 2017 Programme was also blessed by Amma and released that evening.

At the special event, 100 young school students received Amma’s blessings and were awarded the Society’s Amrita Bursary by the Guest of Honour for the evening, Mr. R. Jayachandran (High Commisioner of Singapore to Mauritius and the Chairman of the Hindu Endowments Board Singapore). As a collective commitment of a new generation to carrying Amma’s vision and values forward at the special 30th year milestone, members of AYUDH Singapore took a pledge in Amma’s Presence to practise the core values of love, serving and conserving. Amma then symbolically planted the seeds of these values by distributing seeds of plants to the 30 youth who had come forward to take this pledge.

From Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world, people queued up for many hours to attend the final evening of Amma’s Programme in Singapore. Following the Atma Puja, Amma emerged for Devi Bhava Darshan in a beautiful bluish purple sari with a pink and gold border. Darshan ended at around 10 am the next morning, with the showering of Amma’s blessings on each and every person present, to the singing of Amma Amma Taaye.

Over the three days, Amma conducted meditation, satsang, bhajans and darshan. The large crowds each day were immersed in silence during the hour-long guided meditation sessions with no sound other than Amma’s voice permeating the atmosphere. Amma’s rapturous bhajans touched and comforted thousands of hearts each day. The people were embraced, consoled and inspired one by one by Amma for more than 30 hours.

The Embodiment of Universal Love and Compassion, whose Lotus Feet stepped on Singapore soil for the very first time on 16th May 1987 to embrace hundreds of people then, provided comfort, solace and spiritul upliftment to the tens of thousands who attended Her 2017 Programme in Singapore.


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12th April 2017