IAM Meditation

Created by Amma out of her deep resolve for spiritual advancement, this practice, when done with dedication, will bring integration into every aspect of our lives – an encompassing wholeness and unity of body, mind, intellect and heart.   The technique is simple and short and easily practiced by anyone.  It is a powerful and profound way to find our real center thereby experiencing peace and true joy in life.

The IAM Meditation (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique) is taught free of charge by volunteers who have been trained in teaching the technique.  It is given during Amma’s tour stops and also throughout the year at many locations.  IAM Meditation utilizes energizing yogic postures followed by meditation which includes breath, sound and visualization.

The meditation has been taught to many thousands of individuals throughout the world and in organizations such as the Indian Navy, Paramilitary and Army; Genetech, USA; Whole Foods Corporation; Juvenile Detention Center, Santa Fe, NM; and the State University of New York.